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School Sports Day 2024

Our school sports day was a great success and the weather stayed really quite nice for us all. The children participated in all the activities and were kept busy all day between the egg and spoon race, the three legged race, the sack race, relay races and sprints, the sponge game, the parachute games, football and penalty kick outs, the obstacle course, tug of war, the shotput, welly throwing, hula hoop games, bean bag games and balancing the sliotar game.

The highlight of the day was the football match at the end with the teachers, parents and past pupils playing against the school girls Cumann na mBunscol team and refereed by a past pupil. Well done to all involved and thank you to Ms. White for organising a great day and to all the staff of the school for making the day such a fun filled day for everyone. Thanks also to Breffni Park for their fabulous facilities once again.

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