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Outdoor Play and Wellbeing

As part of our wellbeing plan we have introduced some resources and play equipment to be used in the school yard. Ms. White organised a container of outdoor play equipment for each classroom which is passed around from one classroom to another every week. It contains skipping ropes, hulahoops, scoops and balls, balls, tug-of-war ropes, jenga blocks, giant connect 4, etc. Paraic, our caretaker, painted all our outdoor mud kitchens, musical instruments, workbenches and cowbell stand and we bought lots of equipment for the children to use while playing with this equipment such a toy saucepans, plates, cutlery, bowls, cups, etc. The Board of Management also purchased a new buddy bench which is at the front of the school. There is still more equipment to come in the weeks ahead. Here are some photos of the equipment and the children playing with them.

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