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Music to my ears!

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

The children in Killygarry N.S. have had a fantastic day listening to music, playing to music and composing music. Ms. Wynne and Ms. O'Neill from our In-School Management Team have organised music stations all around the school with a special musical performance to take place this afternoon by various musicians from both within and outside the school. There is a boomwhacker station where the children are playing along to tunes on the interactive whiteboard. There is a Irish Trad session taking place in the GP room performed by our very own pupils. There is a 'try it out' station where the children get to try out various instruments such a guitars, violins, ukuleles, cajons, music boxes, various instruments from Madagascar (bought by Ms. Wynne), electric piano, and many many more instruments. Upstairs in the prefab the children are learning to compose their own music on iPads. Here are some photos with more to follow.

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