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Health & Wellbeing Programme

Ms. Mc Caughey, who is our new Assistant Principal, has set up a Health and Wellbeing programme which is run by the 5th class pupils for our junior infant, senior infant and first class pupils. The fifth class children organise different stations on the yard and they play with the younger children to help improve their health and wellbeing. Some of the games consisted of Duck, duck, goose, parachute play, block building, snakes and ladders, etc. Well done to all involved.


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This week we are starting to learn the letter sounds. Here is the link to a video showing the sounds of each letter in the English language. In junior infants, we only teach the sound, not the name of

Genius Hour is up and running in 5th. Lots of interesting projects, from frogs to art to star wars. Very interesting topics and well done to those so far.

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