Active School Week


We had Active School Week the last week of March – and how lucky were we!! They sun shone all week – each day we did our daily mile, skipped and sampled some new activities! Teachers and children wore PE gear all week and we only had reading and Active Homework. Each night our teacher would give us a word (e.g. Killygarry) and we would have to do all the exercises corresponding to those letters on our Active Homework Sheet.

Andrew’s mother and her friend, came in and did gymnastics with all the classes! It was brilliant fun and we enjoyed the balancing and jumping!

Olivia (parent of past pupil) and Colm came in and did Water Safety with children from 3rd to 6th. Both children and teachers learned so much!

Celise (Mella and Ma’ake’s dad) came to do Tag Rugby with us. It was so much fun!

We had football with Dan on Thursday.  Ms Denning taught us all some camogie/hurling skills –  some of us are very interested joining local clubs! She was brilliant!

Ms Finnegan organised several different Outdoor and Adventure activities – from Pelmanism and Local Landmarks Jigsaws, to Trivia Orienteering, Snake Walks and Counting Cones!

Ahmed and Liam taught us all some of their skipping tricks! They were great and we can’t wait to be as good as them!

Nina, Ola and Sarah played parachute games with Infants – they loved it!

As a whole school, we did the Conga! It was cool, doing an activity together.

And of course we completed our Active School Week – with our Funky Friday moves!

As you can see, we definitely got much more than our 60mins activity per day this week!

Active Schools Week 2019 was epic!