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The results of the school uniform survey are in.  A total of 103 families out of a possible 130 families responded to our school uniform survey.  The results are as follows:

1. 94% of parents voted to keep the school uniform – This result is unanimous therefore the school uniform will remain in place.

2. 93% of parents voted to keep the uniform generic i.e. most items of the school uniform can be purchased in a variety of shops and department stores.

3. 82% of parents voted to keep the school tie and school crest – items of the uniform which distinguish our school from other schools therefore these items of the school uniform will remain in place.

4. 55% of parents voted to have a school blazer (5%), rain jacket (30%) or fleece (20%) as part of the school uniform.  A reversible fleeced rain jacket with hood has been given to the Parents Association for their perusal.  This jacket will range in price from €21.95 to €25.95.  This jacket will be optional for parents.

5. 60% of parents decided that they would prefer if their child wore smart shoes with the full school uniform and trainers with their school tracksuit.  The Board of Management agreed with the majority and this rule will be enforced from September 2014.

The Board of Management would like to thank the parents of the school for taking the time to complete the school uniform survey.

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