Physical Education

Each year all classes engage in Physical Education.

There are five components: Athletics,  Games, Gymnastics, Aquatics and Outdoor and Adventure.



We do Athletics. We love running, jumping and throwing!!


We learn to play lots of games year and learn to how to tweak them if needed.

Playground games, Tag Rugby, Gaelic, Volley Ball, Basketball…the list goes on…


We practise jumping, turning, swinging and balancing – this can be quiet tricky!

This year we also got to try out Yoga for six weeks!



Each year, classes from 1st to 6th go swimming. We also do the PAWS Water Safety Programme.


Outdoor and Adventure

This year our teachers have put a lot of effort into Outdoor and Adventure lessons. We really enjoy it and it gives us a chance to notice some of the things in our school environment that we normally don’t take in.

From Nature Trails, to Easter Egg hunts..

to Playground Trails and Hunt Relays

… to Snake Walks and ACTUALLY constructing trails!

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