Oral Language homework: Weather

Umbrellas by Renoir

Pierre-Auguste Renoir, a French impressionist painter began painting “The Umbrellas” in 1882, but did not complete it until 1886. During that time he changed his style from impressionist – as seen on the right of the painting, to a smoother, more solid style -as seen in the main character on the left. The girl who is gazing out from the picture is thought to be a milliner’s (hat maker’s) assistant. This is indicated by the hat-basket on her arm. Her clothing is plain, indicating she is from the working class. She is lifting up the bottom of her long skirt to avoid muddy splatters. The bearded young man behind her seems to be trying to engage her, but she does not notice. Perhaps he wishes to to offer her a share of his umbrella. On the right a mother looks down at her two daughters. They are well-dressed, indicating they are from a wealthier class. The younger girl is carrying a hoop and stick- a common toy of wealthier children at that time. A woman in the middle of the picture is either raising or lowering her umbrella, indicating that it has just started to rain, or is just stopping. The trees in the background seem to indicate that it is either Spring, or early Autumn and it is understood that this is a busy street scene in Paris. There are at least twelve umbrellas in the scene.