Accelerated Reading – free e-books available!

Renaissance, the company behind Accelerated Reading is making their online e-book platform, myON available for free while we are off school and libraries are closed. This is a fantastic resource but might take a few minutes to get your head around the first time you use it.

Renaissance, have told me you can download their myON app through the various stores – Kindle, iTunes etc but even if you can’t it should work fine with your usual internet browser on your tablets or laptops.

Step 1: Go to and click the orange Start Reading button.


Step 2. Click on the Search button. 


Step 3.   Click on the ATOS button. This is where the child’s ZPD (Book Level) comes in. For example, if your child’s ZPD is 2.3 – 3.3 – select ATOS 2. Click the level, wherein the primary bulk of the child’s ZPD resides.

Step 4. Click on Year Level. For ease, just pick the level that corresponds to the class they are in e.g. if they are in Second Class select 2. [This mostly relates to interest level].


Step 5. As above, click on the Search button. (This search resulted in 1,375 books!). When you scroll down the page, it will display lots of books, as shown below.


Step 6. Hover over/click one of the books that interests your child. 



Step 7. Click on the i Info button.

Step 8.  Click on the i button.








Step 9.  Ensure the ATOS level is within your child’s normal ZPD or Book Level range.


Step 10. Ensure there is an AR Quiz associated with the book. While the majority of books on the system have a quiz – not all of them have – so just be careful!

Step 11. Press the Green button at the bottom of the page and READ!


Bonus Material

Each week day, they also release child appropriate news articles on the website. These articles can be accessed by clicking on the News tab at the top of the page.

Fortunately or unfortunately, there are no quizzes associated with the news articles.