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What goes in what bin??

Our Oral Language Homework this month is THE ENVIRONMENT Recycling: Plastic bottles, plastic containers, cardboard, paper (newspapers, magazines, mail, old books etc)  aluminium cans (drinks cans), tin cans (food cans), tetra pack cartons (milk cartons) All items in the recycling bin must be clean, dry and loose. Wet items will be removed and dumped in […]

How our recycled plastics are used

Our Oral language homework this month is THE ENVIRONMENT   What can our recycling be used for? Milk Jugs & Other Plastic Containers Bottles and containers used for milk, shampoo, laundry detergent and household cleaners are lightweight and tough – but they usually are made from a different type of plastic than beverage bottles. What […]

Mary’s Meals

Generation Hope This Christmas we are supporting Mary’s Meals backpack project. Mary’s Meals are working to end the cycle of poverty in many countries by giving children a meal at school each day. For most of these children, it may be the only meal they eat that day. We are collecting schoolbags (old and new) […]