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World Cup Madness has reached 6th Class!

Here in 6th class we have been keeping a close eye on the World Cup and learning about the different countries that are playing in the competition.

We decided to hold our own version of the quarter final games with the class being split into the eight teams.

Croatia- Aimee, Kayla and Alexius

Brazil- Dragos, Ella and Shania

Netherlands- Shay, Yasmin and Aleasha

Argentina- Juste, Hannah and Mikey

Morocco- Zofia, Zlata and Richard

Portugal- Conall, Sofia and Gabby

England- Emily, Emma and Martynas

France- Calum, Reem and Eimear

Referee’s assistant- Kotryna

In the Killygarry World Cup, Croatia, Netherlands, Morocco and England have advanced to the semi finals. These games will be played once the cold snap is over 🥶☃️


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