Christmas Poetry

Christmas time is nearly here

Christmas time is nearly here,

So fill your hearts with joy and cheer.

Christmas is for everyone,

So hold on to your hats and have some fun.

We wait all year for this special night,

When Santa comes to give delight.

He leaves our presents for us to find,

When we get up about four or five.

When we find all our presents

Happiness comes into our heads

And we shout out horray

When we get out of bed.

We eat our roast turkey later that day

With our family and friends

Christmas is a wonderful time of year

So lets all should out ‘horray’

For this amazing time of year.

Mia, 4th Class

The Christ Candle

Christmas is just around the corner,

Trees are lit all over.

Stockings hung over the stove,

Mince pies made of love.

Jesus was born on this special day,

Some spend this time away.

Either way they spread the cheer,

Even if it’s with a beer!

Santa will come on his sleigh at night,

His eight reindeer barely in sight.

He will bring gifts to all who are nice,

But don’t forget this is all about Christ.

Eoghan, 4th Class

The Santa Claus

His beard was fluffy, as fluffy as a mat,

His eight reindeer didn’t seem to like the cat.

He wore red robes and boots that would thud,

Small bells rang as he stood.

He had blue eyes and a plump cherry nose,

His had was as red as a rose!

I stood in disbelief, it couldn’t be,

The man who gave presents to me?

He put the presents under the tree,

He came towards me so I had to flea.

“It’s alright Nicholas”, he said to me,

One day you shall carry on my legacy!

From the flick of his nose,

He went up the chimney.

And left me there

To think I was crazy!

Eoghan, 4th Class