Upgraded STEM Room

Our STEM Room has been upgraded in the past week with 10 reconditioned PCs with Windows 10 complete with large monitors, keyboards and a mouse, given to us by a parent.  We also have 16 new Chrome Books, 16 iPads and 32 new headsets.  There are also four new laptops arriving soon with Assistive Technology and the TTRS Typing Programme installed to help pupils with learning difficulties and/or dyslexia.  Each teacher has their own laptop and interactive whiteboard and all classrooms from second to sixth class has their own iPad and the use of 8 Touchscreen Netbooks to assist with the Accelerated Reading Programme.  We have also been donated a Blue Screen, a Green Screen, a Building Bridges Set and three boxes of STEM Project Cards.  As well as the above we have 6 Beebots with Mats, Lego Duplo STEAM Park and 2 Lego WeDo sets.  We hope to get the PCs linked up to our Printer in the STEAM Room for pupils to carry out projects online.  Thank you to our Parents Association who funded some of our iPads and to those who donated the PCs and other ICT resources.