Fun Day at Killygarry N.S.

On Friday last we had a fabulous Fun Day at the school.  Here’s some drone footage of the day.

There are a number of people we would sincerely like to thank:-

  1. Mrs. Dunne for opening up the school at 6am so that preparations could be done for arrival of all our pupils.
  2. Val and Corvenieos Entertainment for all their equipment
  3. Our 13 past pupils who joined us on the day to help out.
  4. Lorraine Fay for the fabulous treats she sent in for all the staff
  5. Salesi, Fernando and Ines for the barbeque and serving the food out to over 200 children (all voluntary)
  6. Ms. Brogan (3rd class teacher) and her mum (Patricia) and dad (Barry, Brogan’s Butchers in Swanlinbar) for providing all the burgers and hotdogs free of charge for the children.
  7. Sarah and Paul Smith (Smith’s Diner) for providing the chicken curry, rice and wedges for the staff (also free of charge)
  8. Greg Byrne for providing the ice-cream
  9. Catherine Mc Govern and the Community Centre for the use of their facilities for the magic show and candy floss
  10. All the staff of the school for supervising the children so well
  11. Bernie & AnnaMarie for the tea and coffee facilities, organising lunch and for all the tidying up afterwards
  12. All the parents for paying for this fabulous day for all our pupils.  We are truly grateful.

Here are some photos of the day.