Oral Language Homework January: Homes and Houses

This month we are discussing houses and homes.


Look at the paintings of folk artist Karla Gerard. Click here for her website.

Ø What are the things that many of Gerard’s paintings have in common? (houses, trees, lots of colour)

Ø Can you pick out paintings representing the different seasons?

Ø What shapes does Gerard use in her paintings?

Ø Do you like the folk art style?

Ø Which painting do you like best? Why?


Look at the video of Our House by Madness.

·        Where is their house?

·        It says that mother is “house-proud”. What does that mean?

·        What happens to father’s shirt?

·        What instruments do you see the band playing in the video?

·        In which decade were Madness a popular band? (1980’s)

·        This type of music is called “Ska music”. Do you like it?


Listen to the story My House is a Squash and a Squeeze by Julia Donaldson.

Ø How big was the old lady’s house in the beginning? How big is the house in the end? Did the size of the house change in the end?

Ø Did the old lady think her house was big or small at the beginning?

Ø How does she think of her house at the end?

Ø Was the old lady happy at the end?

Ø Why do you think she is happier at the end of the book then? (If children are having trouble coming up with ideas, ask them questions (a) and (b).

(a) Is it because she realizes her house is big enough, and she hadn’t realize it before?

(b) Or is it because she changed her mind about what she wanted (she no longer wants a bigger house)?