Swimming Gala 2019 Results

Congratulations to all the children who participated in the Swimming Gala in Cavan Leisure Centre on Wednesday 11th of December 2019.  The results are as follows:-

Back Crawl

U10: Odhran (3rd) and Vivian (1st)

U12: Oisin (3rd) and Aleksandra (2nd)


U10: Aimee (2nd) and Amina (3rd)

U12: Max (2nd), Charlie (3rd) and Mia (1st)

U14: Freddie (2nd), Olivia (1st) and Nina (2nd)

Front Crawl

U10: Amy (1st)

U12: Adam (1st), Conor (2nd) and Amelia (1st)

U14: Thomas (3rd), Sophie (1st) and Amy (3rd)

Relay Race

Girls U10 Team came 2nd (Aimee, Amina, Zoe and Vivienne)

Boys U12 Team came 4th (Max, Enda, Charlie and Adam)

Girls U12 Team came 2nd (Mia, Aleksandra, Genevieve and Amelia)

Boys U14 Team came 2nd (Conor, Oisin, Conor, Freddie)

Girls U14 Team came 1st (Nina, Sophie, Amy and Olivia)

Well done everyone on a very successful day and great swimming.