What goes in what bin??

Our Oral Language Homework this month is THE ENVIRONMENT


Plastic bottles, plastic containers, cardboard, paper (newspapers, magazines, mail, old books etc)  aluminium cans (drinks cans), tin cans (food cans), tetra pack cartons (milk cartons)

All items in the recycling bin must be clean, dry and loose. Wet items will be removed and dumped in landfill.

Items which cannot be put into recycling bins, but can be recycled at recycling centres, such as the dump: glass bottles, batteries, clothes, scrap metal, builders rubble, timber, old wooden furniture, garden waste, paint tins, hard plastics (like old toys), old electrical appliances.


Uncooked vegetable and fruit peelings, egg shells, grass cuttings (not too much), shredded paper, used tissues, pencil parings.


Everything else, ie all cooked food (including bread), soft plastic packaging, styro foam, crisp packets, used tin foil and foil trays.