Scholastic Book Fair

Scholastic Book Fair will be at the school next week.  Each class will get an opportunity to visit the book fair each day during school hours to look at and purchase books of their choice.  If we reach the last copy of any book we will order the book for the child and it should arrive in the school the following day.  The Book Fair will also be open to parents at each of the following days and times:-

  1. Tuesday 12th February: 6-9pm
  2. Wednesday 13th February: 2:40-3:40pm
  3. Thursday 14th February: 2:40-3:40pm and 6-9pm

Books vouchers can be purchased online on  Go into ‘Shop’ in the top write hand corner and then type ‘Gift Voucher’ in the search book.  Here you can purchase book vouchers and print them off and use them in the school for your purchases.  They are a great way to save some money as you get a €6 voucher for the cost of €5, a €12 voucher for the cost of €10, an €18 voucher for €15 and a €24 voucher for the cost of €20.  The pupils will receive a ‘World Book Day’ voucher in the school on Monday which allows them €1.50 of any book purchased.  We will also be running competitions in the school during the week where further books vouchers can be won.

We are asking for you support next week as the school will get 60% worth of all books sold in books for the school for our Accelerated Reading Programme.  The more books we sell the more books we get free for the school.