Oral Language Homework January 2019: Food!

Our theme for Oral Language Homework this month is food.

Here is a link for some nursery rhymes about food:


Here is the famous photo by Charles Ebbets “Lunch atop a Sky Scraper”

Ø Who are these men?

Ø Where do you think they are? (Rockefeller Center, New York)

Ø What meal are they eating?

Ø What foods do you think they are eating?

Ø Why are they eating on a steel girder?

Here is a link to the song “Food, Glorious Food” from Oliver the musical:

Ø Who are these boys?

Ø What are they given to eat? (gruel)

Ø Would you like gruel?

Ø What foods are the boys longing for? List as many as you can