Swimming Gala 2018

Congratulations to all the pupils who participated in the 23rd Annual Swimming Gala on Wednesday 12th of December.  The winners were as follows:-


U10 Boys Back Crawl: Ben – 3rd place

U10 Girls Back Crawl: Ailing – 1st place, Amina – 3rd place and Laoise – 4th place

U14 Boys Back Crawl: Dylan – 2nd place and Liam – 3rd place

U14 Girls Back Crawl: Doireann – 1st place and Amy – 3rd place


U10 Boys Breaststroke: Odhrán – 3rd place

U12 Boys Breaststroke: Freddie – 2nd place

U12 Girls Breaststroke: Olivia – 1st place, Mia – 3rd place and Genevieve – 4th place

U14 Boys Breaststroke: Ahmed – 1st place

U14 Girls Breaststroke: Ailbhe – 1st place, Aisling – 2nd place and Mella – 3rd place


U10 Boys Front Crawl: Adam – 2nd place

U10 Girls Front Crawl: Aoife – 1st place and Amy – 3rd place

U12 Boys Front Crawl: Conor – 2nd place and Oisin – 3rd place

U14 Boys Front Crawl: Rowan – 2nd place and Martin – 4th place


U10 Boys Team – 2nd place

U10 Girls Team – 2nd place

U12 Boys Team – 2nd place

U12 Girls Team – 2nd place

U14 Boys Team – 3rd place

U14 Girls Team – 3rd place