Christmas Concert Tickets

The tickets for the Christmas Concerts have arrived today and will go on sale in the school from Monday 4th of December to Friday 8th of December.  Tickets will be on sale from 8:30am-9:00am from Bernie each day in the upstairs prefab where parents can come in and choose seating of their choice from the seating plan below on a first come first served basis. Otherwise, pupils can purchase tickets from Bernie from 11am to 11:30am each day where they will be assigned the next seat available.

We urge any parent who is unable to afford a ticket to contact the school principal at their earliest convenience to ensure provisions are put in place to allow them to attend the concert.

Please note that tickets numbered 154 to 162 have been reserved for the Parents Association Committee who will be working on the night selling raffle tickets and operating the shop.  This area leaves an aisle free for people to queue for the shop.  The concerts will take place on the 19th and 20th of December.  The tickets are €8 per adult or €15 for two adults and €5 per child who will be taking up a seat.  Babies and toddlers are free.  Each concert begins at 7pm sharp each night.

Please also be aware that all children will be performing on both nights.  Provisions will be put in place for parents who are not attending the concert on a specific night to collect their child a while after the concert to avoid traffic jams and delays.

A video of the concert on Tuesday 19th of December will be recorded and anyone who pre-orders and pays for a DVD before the 19th of December, at a cost of €10 each, will get the DVD before the Christmas holidays on the 22nd of December.  Please note that the DVD must be paid for when the order is placed.

We would sincerely like to thank you for your support as we try to raise the funds required for the new Accelerated Reading Programme which is working very successfully in the school at present and we hope you enjoy watching your children perform on the night.

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