New Accelerated Reading Programme

We are delighted to launch our New Accelerated Reading Programme in the school today.  The programme was purchased at the beginning of October with an estimated set up time of 12 weeks to get all books banded and all pupils from second to sixth class tested.  With the help of our Principal, our Secretary and our three SNAs we have completed this process in just 4 weeks.  We have currently over 1,500 books on the system, labelled and colour coded.  All pupils have been tested and their reading and comprehension level has been established using the Renaissance Software.  The levels range from 0-13 and the programme is relevant for use with second class pupils to 16 year old children.  We ask parents not to dwell on their child’s reading level but instead to encourage them to read more and to talk about each book with them so they understand its content.  This programme is also used in secondary schools with the 16 year old pupils aiming to reach level 13.  Each child will be tested again after Christmas and after Easter to ascertain if their reading age/level has increased.  Parents will be sent out a letter in early December with their child’s login detail so that they can check how many books their child has read and how they have scored in each of the book quizzes.  The Renaissance trainer who came to the school last Wednesday to train all staff stated that the reading levels were very good in the school but we still aim to improve and get better.  We hope ye enjoy the reading programme and your children reap the benefits of it.